In 2002, we became aware of a serious problem of the overpopulation of homeless cats in the Cote St. Luc area, in Montreal, Quebec. They were found in colonies behind many hospitals in the West End of Montreal, such as Maimonides Geriatric Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital, as well as in many other pockets of the community. Subsequently, we learned that that the homeless cat population in every other part of Montreal and its surrounding areas was completely out of control as well.

Through many scientific studies, Trap-Neuter-Release progrmas have proven to be more cost efficient and effective in controlling the number of homeless animals than euthanasia. We therefore began a Trap Neuter Release program in the West End, funded from 2003 until 2006 by a $3000 annual grant from the borough of Cote St. Luc, Hampstead and Montreal West.

We worked out an arrangement with a local veterinarian to neuter each cat that we brought in for $80.00. And so, with the help of volunteers, we would trap outdoor cats and transport them to the veterinarian to be neutered. They were then released, unless we were able to get them adopted.

Upon demerger of the City of Montreal in 2006, however, the municipality of Cote St. Luc decided to stop the grant they were devoting toward neutering the outdoor cat population.

While the grant from the City fo Cote St. Luc was restarted in 2011 thanks to Counsellor Mike Cohen, EDUCHAT still functions largely on public donations and volunteer efforts alone. All funds earned go back into the organization to pay the vet bills, create public awareness and teach people how not to contribute to animal overpopulation. There is no interest in profit. All gains to the organization shall be used in promoting its objectives.

There are many thousands of cats city wide that are creating more cats all the time. Did you know that in ideal conditions, two unaltered cats over a period of seven years can exponentially create over 400,000 kittens! The numbers are staggering! Please help us make a difference.